Milano Cortina 2026 supports and follows the B.Livers’ Journey of the Stars.

One of the projects that have been supported to promote the Italian candidature for the 2026 Olympic Winter Games is the Journey of the Stars, undertaken by the B.Livers, a group of young men and women who suffer from chronic and severe medical conditions. The Journey is an adventure the B.Livers will embark on, leaving from Gae Aulenti square in Milan on 25th May and reaching Cortina d’Ampezzo on 1st June after various legs.

A journey of courage that mirrors the Olympic spirit of the Italian Candidature for the 2026 Olympic Winter Games. The Olympic spirit that strengthens the idea of sport as a path to social integration, education and therapy. Because sport is not only competition and medals. Sport knocks down barriers and brings diversity together.

B.LIVE Il viaggio delle stelle

The B.Livers will try to give a meaning to their efforts and the values they share with their friends and with the places they visit, as they go beyond what used to seem difficult, if not impossible.

It will be a journey centred on self-esteem, courage and wisdom, that will spread a message of strength and clean energy, as it is undertaken on electric bikes and other sustainable means of transportation.

This is why Milano Cortina 2026 is proud to walk and ride along the B.Livers, who will carry the Olympic flag during their journey, as a symbol of good hope and a dream to turn into reality. A dream that will travel with the B.Livers, as we wait for the final decision the International Olympic Committee will take on 24Th June.