Milano Cortina 2026 team competes in GiroE

In the same days as the iconic Giro d'Italia, Giro E, a non-competitive ride, set off with electric bikes, taking the teams along the same routes covered by the heroes of the pink jersey.

Milano Cortina 2026 wanted to be part of Giro E with a team of athletes from different disciplines, in order to promote across Italy the Olympic spirit and the Italian candidature for the Games. This initiative shows that sport is a vehicle for solidarity and a tool to share a common goal that can only be achieved together.

The team members change almost daily, until the final stage that will end in Croce D'Aune on June 1st.

The team, which wears a white jersey with the distinctive Milano Cortina 2026 logo, takes the Italian bid to the roads and among the people and brings to the whole country and beyond the emotions and the joy that the Olympic Games generate.

Partecipazione al GiroE